All Sports Physical

Once again Dr. Quisling and the dedicated members of the Resurgens Orthopaedics team got an early start. They gave over 500 physicals in the 4 hour session... and that is a New Record! As expected almost everyone passed with flying colors.
In what turned out to be the scare of the day, one student athlete experienced a cardiac episode during the stress test. After a few moments of crisis Dr. Quisling was able to stabilize the situation and send the athlete on to get further treatment.

This is why we do these physicals PEOPLE

Sponsors & Speakers: Thank You
There was no shortage of "been there, done that" experience at this years session. Once everyone got their power plate from Jim-n-Nicks we heard from 2 college coaches and 2 Professional Athletes. The best part was hearing how to translate strength into power to make ourselves more competitive.
Breaking out into smaller groups allowed each speaker to answer direct questions about diet, training regiments and balancing goals, school and daily living. Next session to follow was a relaxation and rest period lead by the staff from Yoga Express (Sponsor).

Extraordinary Competition
Having four (4) complete competition zones really helped move things along this year. It was needed with 24 teams, 6 weight classes and over 720 student athletes. This included 4 Women's teams competing for the first time.
The teams raised a total of over $288,000 or a little over $400 per student. Last year the executive directors from each team agreed that this year we would start a new "Pay it Forward" program where 10% of the proceeds would be used to provide weight training equipment for a local under-served program.This year's recipient is the Yellow River Youth Action Academy which is a non-profit serving middle school age girls and boys in the Lilburn community. A volunteer crew (3 from each team) delivered and installed the equipment the day after our competition ended.

Records, Winners and Champions
Women-Overall: 2004 GA ODP Soccer team, Ave. #347
Women-Individual: Stacy H., Class of 2022, #452

Men-Overall: Grayson Homeschool, Ave. #889
Men-Individual: Dwayne X., Class of 2020, #1234

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