Organization Support

The Hubbub Local Platform delivers these Services and MORE...

What is Hubbub Local

Our best Fundraiser
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Mobile, Modern & Higher Returns

• No Experience necessary
• We take care of all Details
• Reduce burden on Volunteers
• $16+ Profit per Membership
• Pay by Credit/Debit Card
• Custom Sales Flyers & Posters
• Custom Social Sales Links
• Built-in Sales Incentives
• Donation in lieu of purchase


Recruit & Manage Sponsors

Discover more Connections
Our Platform helps you Promote & Manage Your Activities

Your supporters have come to count on you selling nuts, wrapping paper, Christmas trees & baked goods, and so much more. Once you have JOINED Hubbub Local, You can use our system to run your other fundraisers!

Most organizations require their students to participate in one or more activities that give back to their community. We can help you get the word out to your supporters so they can pitch in too.

Many Organizations help put on events such as “Taste of the Community” nights or they can earn a percentage of receipts turned in during “Spirit” nights at restaurants or with other merchants.

Community Connections
What is happening in your Hometown?
Local Student interns gain experience while keeping residents informed on current and upcoming events, sponsorship and service opportunities, and “Previewing” nearby merchants [and their special savings offers].