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Death of Dewey Decimal
It's true... Gwinnett County Public Library has declared that his days are numbered. Adult non-fiction was the first to fall, but fear not as the new "Bookstore" style referencing system has taken Dewey's place.
If you can't find what you are looking for, just head to the self-help section (big sign up above) and view the Plan-O-Gram
If it has been awhile since you have been to the Library, head to your Local Branch to see all the other changes that we have made to serve you better

For the past few years the OTP Northeastern Lift-a-thon association has maxed out at 16 teams because of limited space and resources. This year the association was able to set up four competition zones so they could expand the number of teams to 24 including 4 women's teams.
The Platinum sponsors provided the Lunch (Jim-n-Nicks & Kroger) and arranged for Speakers to take part in the program (NFL: "Power Plays"). To find out more about which teams won and how they turned their hard work into an opportunity to pay it forward... click on the image.

Big Peach Running Co.
We would like to welcome the newest multi-Location partner to join Hubbub Local. Big Peach has a long history of supporting communities where their stores are located, but they also are key sponsors for regional events.
To learn more about "BPRC" click on the peach. You might even find a special offer just for Club Members!

Baked Goods Fundraiser
These extremely fresh high quality products sell so well in the Fall for our Lacrosse team we asked if we could sell them this Spring for Valentines day and Easter delivery.
The cost of these items during the fundraiser is less that what you would pay in the store, and because they are produced locally they are at their peak freshness. These factors give you great value so you can afford to stock up, or maybe even give them as gifts to your friends, family, clients or employees (new invoicing option for bulk purchases).
100% of the proceeds go to support our program to help us get the high level of training that makes us competitive both on and off the field.

Football Fundraiser
We have been selling our Savings cards for the past 12 years and our supporters look forward to getting a new card every year. This year we are moving from our plastic wallet card to a custom system created for our community that runs on your phone!
This new system will go on sale mid-April 2020 so until then you can click on the image to learn more or...